In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen it there is an interesting thread over on the code4lib discussion list about establishing a code4lib journal. I think Mark Jordan has the right idea:

…would creating a section at that was reserved for formal, maybe even peer-reviewed articles do what you’re describing? The articles would be the starting point, but the Web 1.9-compliant features that are already appearing on the site (comments, attachments, microformat links, etc.) may satisfy what you’re describing. Heck, maybe we could write a module for that would pull some of these things together (drupal already has a publishing module). In other words, could be the journal but it could be a new type of journal.

Dan followed up with a +1 and I think he is right. The drupal instance running on was thrown together at the last minute and rejiggered by lots of people to serve as a place to put conference information. I’ve been wondering what might be in the cards for the site as we move post-conference and I think this “new kind of journal” idea might be where it can go. While there are lots of people with administrator access via the web, there’s not many people with shell access. I’d like to get where mjordan and others can have shell access (if they want it) so that we can make hardcore changes if necessary. Perhaps we just need another plugin, and we can go to town…or as Ross says

It still sounds like there’d still need to be /a/ process (and we need
to work that out), but the overhead is very low.

And I like that.

I like it too.