pymarc v2.0 was released yesterday afternoon. I’m mentioning it here to give a big tip of the hat to Gabriel Farrell (gsf on #code4lib) who spent a significant amount of time cleaning up the code to be PEP-8 compliant.

If you are a current user of pymarc your code will most likely break, since methods like: addField() will now look like add_field(). This is a small price to pay for pythonistas who typically prefer clean, consistent and more coherent code (how’s that for alliteration?). It had to be done and I’m very grateful to gsf for taking the time to do it.

Another big thing is that we’ve switched from using subversion to bzr for revision control. Initially it seemed like a lightweight way for gsf and I to collaborate without monkeying with svn authentication (again)…and to learn the zen of distributed revision control. We both liked it so much that we moved the repository to LaunchPad.

So if you like the latest/greatest/shiniest, and/or want to contribute some of your own changes to pymarc:

  % bzr branch lp:pymarc
  % # hack, hack, hack, hackety, hack
  % bzr commit
  % bzr send --mail-to --message "Gabe, I added a jammies method to the record object!"
  % # or publish your own repo and point us at it :-)