Jon Phipps and I are speaking about SKOS at the World Bank today for a joint meeting of the CENDI and NKOS groups. The talk is entitled “SKOS: New Directions in Interoperability” … which is kind of ironic since SKOS has been a long running topic at NKOS meetings. The idea is to describe SKOS (for those who don’t know it), cover the recent changes to SKOS (for those that do), and describe an implementation of SKOS ( A tall order for 30 minutes!

One new direction that I hope I’ll be able to get to is the notion of linked-data. I created some simple graph visualizations of the Royal Library of Sweden’s linked bibliographic data implementation. I really wanted to emphasize how linked data can model data across enterprise boundaries. By the way this example really exists, it’s not library-science-fiction.

Wish us luck! There are going to be some other interesting talks during the day, on OCLC’S Terminology Services, Semantic Media Wiki for vocabulary development at the Mayo Clinic, mapping agriculture vocabularies, the intersection of folksonomy and taxonomy, and more.

PS. Roy I haven’t forgotten your follow-up comment :-)