wishlist - look for cheap stuff on your Amazon wishlist


    wishlist --token=MYAMAZONTOKEN --wishlist=WISHLISTID


If you maintain an amazon wishlist, and don't mind buying used books wishlist will go to amazon and look for cheap copies of things you want and email you if cheap stuff is found. The idea is that you put a call to wishlist in your crontab to run every hour looking for bargains. When a bargain appears you'll get an email letting you know what's available.

wishlist uses Amazons Web Services so you'll need to get a token, which takes just a second, and is absolutely free.

Once you've got a token, you need to figure out what your wishlist ID is. The easiest way to do this is to search for your own wishlist, and look at the URL that links to it. For example mine looks like:

The id=F1K2C8DXQGOE identifies my wishlist ID. With these two pieces of informaton you can run wishlist if you supply an email address to send the notifications to.

You can change the limits by which something is regarded as 'cheap' with the remining optiond detailed below.



Your Amazon Web Services token.


The ID for your wishlist.


The email address to send notifications.


A decimal percentage indicating what you consider cheap off the list price. Defaults to .50 which means if an item is available for less than 50% of the list price it qualifies as as a bargain.


If an item is less than this it qualifies as a bargain. Default is 5, which means that if an item is available for less than $5.00 you'll get an email.


Time window (days) in which you don't want to be renotified. Defaults to 3. This means if an item is cheap you won't get notified about it again for three days.