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Q: What do 100 year old knitting patterns and a lost Robert Louis-Stevenson story have in common?

A: A digitally preserved newspaper page.

Q: What about if you add:

A: Just a typical lunch time conversation at Pete’s with a couple people I work with. The cool thing (for me) is that this is normal, involves a host of smart/interesting characters, and is routinely encouraged. I love my job.

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  1. I forgot to add that we talked about 2G zip files too. So you can think of yourself as still here in spirit if that eases the pain. Assuming it’s still possible to feel pain in Northern California :-)

  2. Nothing “lost” about it. It’s Chapter VIII (excluding the first two paragraphs) of “The Pavilion On The Links”, an 1880 short story which forms part of his 1882 collection New Arabian Nights. The 1900 date given in the copy presumably refers to an American edition.

    I’ll add to your collection of oddities that Finger, Gopher, and Whois are all basically the same protocol: write one line to the server, then read back an arbitrary amount of text until EOF. You used to be able to talk to Finger servers using URLs of the form gopher://example.com:79/0<username&gt; .

  3. I sat at my desk and ate cold, three-day-old bratwurst.

    Nope, doesn’t sound like I missed much of anything at all…

    And I wouldn’t listen to a word Boyko says; he’s got overexposure to that, uh, what do you call it, ah yes, “sun” thing.

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