Hi my name is Ed Summers, and I write code for libraries. I’m currently working at the Library of Congress, on a team that (among other things) is examining what digital repositories mean for the loc.gov enterprise, and implementing (hopefully) practical solutions.

The very idea of preserving things “forever” is a pretty heavy burden. I’ve come to the opinion that the best way to preserve digital “stuff” for the future is to make the stuff accessible now…and now…and now. As my colleague David Brunton told me once: “preservation is just access…in the future”. And what better way to make digital things available now, than this wondrous thing we call the Web!? I tend to reach for Python first these days, and no longer program in Perl so much, but I still think Larry had it right: There’s More Than One Way To Do It.

I use this blog space to talk about anything that interests me. It may be about programming, libraries, semantic web, or the mood I’m in. Please feel free to comment wherever, and whenever you like. But please remember that the content you find here are my ideas alone, not those of my employer.

If you are wondering about “why inkdroid”, well lets just say I was plugging together random words trying to come up with a domain name. As a kid I loved books and was particular fond of a toy r2d2 robot. Yeah, nerd…

If you want to learn more about me, I’ve got an out-of-date CV, an even more out-of-date FOAF file, and my personal URI is http://inkdroid.org/ehs. If you are really, really interested I’ve done a couple embarrassing podcast interviews — which I encourage you not to listen to.