I write software for libraries and archives. I try to live up to at least the former in Release Early, Release Often, so most of my code musings can be found on GitHub. The idea is things incubate there, and if they ever become anything more than a plaything they migrate to a place like CPAN, RubyForge, Python Cheeseshop, etc… Here are some things I’ve worked on in the past that are on GitHub (courtesy of Kenny Katzgrau’s handy GitHub/BitBucket Project Lister for WordPress):

  • alllivesmatter

    Experiments with #AllLivesMatter hashtag in Ferguson related tweets. (0 watchers)

  • anon

    tweet about anonymous Wikipedia edits from particular IP address ranges (630 watchers)

  • at-you

    analyze the tweets that are directed at deray & Nettaaaaaaaa (3 watchers)

  • alternative-internet

    A collection of interesting new networks and tech aiming at decentralisation (in some form). (0 watchers)

  • bagit

    this is just my dev fork of please send pull requests there (1 watcher)

  • c4l15-urls

    a snapshot of urls mentioned during code4lib 2015 (0 watchers)

  • congresseditors

    the code that runs the @congresseditors twitter bot (3 watchers)

  • congresseditors-archive

    a snapshot of the @congressedtiors twitter archive (0 watchers)

  • congressedits-archive

    a snapshot of the @congressedits twitter archive (3 watchers)

  • website (0 watchers)

  • congressedits-slides

    slides for DC Hack & Tell (0 watchers)

  • americanarchivist

    metadata extractor for The American Archivist (2 watchers)

  • bagitspec

    The BagIt File Packaging Format (0 watchers)

  • chroma

    display searches of Chronicling America as they happen (3 watchers)

  • ckanext-datajson

    for POD /data (0 watchers)

  • annotator-okfn

    Inline annotation for the web in pure Javascript. Select text, images, or (nearly) anything else, and add your notes. (0 watchers)

  • bagit-python3

    Create BagIt style packages of digital content in Python 3.2+ (0 watchers)

  • annotator-store

    A backend store for the Annotator (0 watchers)

  • antiharassment-policy

    Code4lib anti-harassment policy drafting space (0 watchers)

  • aotycmp

    hack to see what well reviewed albums-of-the-year are available on Spotify and Rdio (4 watchers)

  • bell

    Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers Metadata (1 watcher)

  • congress-legislators

    Members of the United States Congress, 1789-Present, in YAML, as well as committees and presidents. (0 watchers)

  • archivesspace

    The ArchivesSpace archives management tool (0 watchers)

  • ckanext-storage

    CKAN storage extension. (1 watcher)

  • bisac

    top level BISAC subject vocabulary (5 watchers)

  • bagit-ruby

    Ruby Library and Command Line tools for bagit (1 watcher)

  • bootstrap

    CSS toolkit from Twitter (1 watcher)

  • chronam-widget

    view on NDNP content using just HTML/JavaScript and the Chronicling America API (5 watchers)

  • alto-words

    simplistic calculation of the ratio of dictionary words to all words in a METS Alto OCR file (2 watchers)

  • beat

    little experiment to look at links in LC bibliographic data (2 watchers)

  • eac-graph-load

    My clone of the eac-graph-load project. ( watchers)

  • chronam-simple

    A simple skin for the loc-ndnp viewer. Uses the chronam-core Django application. ( watchers)

  • chronam

    My fork of the loc-ndnp/chronam repository on SourceForge ( watchers)

  • pygments-main

    i'd like to add support for turtle ( watchers)

  • django-registration

    ( watchers)

  • unalog2

    gonna try and work crazy dvcs style w/ dchud ( watchers)

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