I just noticed that del.icio.us now has full, fast search across all content (not just your own bookmarks). This is something that Dan’s unalog has had on delicious for a while (apart from the delightful content). Dan uses pylucene as his search engine, which still has some interesting features. It’s pretty wild being able to search across all the delicious content, given their volume.

When delicious was really ramping up I saw the occasional mason error page, so I know that they are (or were) using Perl. This makes me really curious to know what search technology they are using…but I couldn’t find any details in the announcement.

Likewise, the news about the BBC Programme Catalogue being built with RubyOnRails. I’ve really come to appreciate Lucene and PyLucene and am in search of similar search tools for Ruby. I’ve got an email out to Matt Biddulph to see if he can provide any details about the BBC effort.