As is my custom, this morning I asked Zoia (the bot in #code4lib) for this day in history from the Computer History Musuem. Lately I’ve been filtering it through the Pirate plugin, which transforms arbitrary text into something a pirate might say. Anyhow, today’s was pretty humorous.

11:32 < edsu> @pirate [tdih]
11:32 < zoia> edsu: Claude Shannon be born in Gaylord, Michigan.  Known as th' 
              inventor 'o information theory, Shannon be th' first to use th' 
              word "wee bit."  Shannon, a contemporary 'o Johny-boy von 
              Neumann, Howard Aiken, 'n Alan Turin', sets th' stage fer th' 
              recognition 'o th' basic theory 'o information that could be 
              processed by th' machines th' other pioneers developed.  He 
              investigates information distortion, redundancy 'n noise, 'n (1 
              more message)
11:33 < edsu> @more
11:33 < zoia> edsu: provides a means fer information measurement.  He 
              identifies th' wee bit as th' fundamental unit 'o both data 'n 

Happy Birthday Cap’n Shannon.