I had a strange dream last night.

I was working on a consulting project with an archivist friend, and a group of others I didn’t know as well. I knew that the work was politically sensitive, and that it was important for some reason that escapes me now.

Before the work could start I was required to sign a document. I trusted my friend implicitly, and didn’t really read it closely. Afterwards my friend let me know that I had signed a document stating that said I had committed suicide, and that I no longer legally existed. Apparently, this would provide a framework for the work to happen more easily.

I remember being concerned about my family. I walked outside to smoke a cigarette (something I don’t do anymore). A few of the other people joined me, and we got in a dump truck.

I don’t know why, but I woke up from the dream feeling strangely relaxed. I looked up a few things in our our cheesy dreamer’s dictionary.

Archives. Anything to do with archives in a dream is a forerunner of unexpected legal entanglements.

Document. Business or legal documents in a dream are usually a warning against speculations, unless the documents were in an indigenous place such as a notary or lawyer’s office, in which case they portend a coming increase, possibly for inheritance.

Suicide. This dream is a signal that you need a change of scene or more mental relaxation. Try sharing your troubles with a trusted friend or adviser, but in any event stop brooding.

Cigar (or Cigarette) Whether you were offering them, smoking yourself, or observing someone else with them, this form of tobacco in a dream is a lucky omen pertaining to prosperity.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t an entry for dump truck.