These are tags that have been used to categorize posts here over the years. As you can see they haven’t been consistently applied. I wish that they lined up better with the tags that I’ve used over at Pinboard. Maybe someday.

4store aaronsw abraham-lincoln academia access activism ada-lovelace agile ai algorithms amazon american-memory amsterdam annotation anth606 anthropology apache api apples appraisal archaeology architecture archivegrid archives ark art artificial-intelligence astronomy atom atompub audio australia authority-control bagit baltimore barcamp bash bazaar bbc beautifulsoup bibliography bibo biology blacklivesmatter blockchain blogging blogs books bot bots bowker brian-eno brooklyn-museum browsers bruno-latour business bzip calais california cancer cataloging categories cc0 cdl cdn censorship citations citizenscience cloud code4lib coffee community computers computing conferences congress congressedits conneg conservation coop cors craft crafts crawling creative-commons creativity crowdsourcing css curation d3 danny-hillis darth-vader data databases datamining dbpedia dc death delete delicious design development dh digital-curation digital-preservation discourse disinformation django dns docnow documentation documents doi donations dpla drupal dublincore eac ead ebooks ec2 edci788 editor education edward-snowden egov elag elastic-mapreduce email emoji epub erdf ethics ethnography europeana facebook fedora ferguson file-formats firefox fixity flickr foaf forensics format-migration foundsound frbr freebase french friends games gender genealogy geo germany getty gift-agreements git github glam glenn-greenwald goodreads google google-books governance government gpo graphs grddl handle happiness harvesting hathitrust hats hci health hell heretrix herman-melville heroku history hong-kong howard-zinn html html5 http httprange14 humor hungary hypertext identifiers ietf ifla images indexing indieweb information information-science infrastructure ink inst800 inst808 inst888 internet internet-archive intertwingularity interviews isbn java javascript jisc jobs john-dewey jon-udell journalism json jsonld judith-butler knitting knowledge-graph languages lastfm latour law lbsc785 lc lcnaf lcsh leafletjs libraries library-of-congress library-of-virginia librarybox librarything licenses life linked-data linkrot links linkypedia linode linux lisp literature loc lockss love lzo machine-learning maintenance management maps marc markets mastodon media meetings memento memory mercurial mesh metadata mets microdata microformats microservices microsoft mime mincomp mit mith mod moderation mods museums music my-little-pony mysql nara ndiipp ndnp networks news newspapers nkos nlp node nodejs nonprofits nsa nyc nyogen-senzaki nypl nytimes oaiore oaipmh oauth obituaries occupy oclc oclc-worldcat ocr open-access open-source openlibrary openplanets opensearch opensource openstreetmap oreilly owl packages paper paris-review passports pbs pdf people performance perl philosophy phonograph photographs photography php physics pirates platform-studies plugins podcast podcasts poetry politics pooh postgres power practice pragmatism premis presentation presentations preservation privacy programming pronom provenance providence publicdomain publishing purl pycon python quotes radio ralph-nader ranganathan rda rdf rdfa rdflib rdio rds react reading recycling redd redis relaxng repair repositories research rest reuters right-to-be-forgotten robots roy-fielding rss ruby satellites save-page-now schemas scheme scholarship science sculture search semweb silver-spring simile skos skos-semweb-rdf-lcsh-metadata-libraries-thesarui small-data smithsonian snowden social-media social-science society society-of-american-archivists sociology software software-development solr soundcloud sparql spotify standards stanford statistics stephen-wolfram;-wolfram-alpha;-repositories;-data;-web storage streaming sts study subversion supreme-court suzanne-briet sweden sweo sword tabulator tagcloud talking-heads teaching technology television terms-of-service tests text tgm thesauri thomas-jefferson time tl;dr torture translation travel triples trust turtle twarc twitter uberblic ubuntu uk umd unalog unapi unix uri uris urls usc values version-control viaf video virginia virus visualization visualizations vocabularies vocamp w3c wacz walking war warc wayback web web-archive web-archives web-services webarch webmention wfmu wikidata wikileaks wikimania wikimedia wikipedia wikixdc william-james wolfgang-ernst word wordclouds wordpress work workshops worldcat writing xhtml xml xml-schema xmpp xri yahoo yaks zen