The Search

Author: John Battelle

Year: 2005

Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover

ISBN: 1591840880

Ok, so The Search is a great book so far…but I’m really just testing some local modifications I made to the structured blogging tool to use Book OpenURL KEV parameter names as a microformat. Take a look in the HTML and you should see them hiding there.

Here’s a somewhat prettified version as an image since I couldn’t get my syntax highlighter plugin to do a nice enough job with the HTML.

Pretty simple stuff right? Notice the COinS in there too? That’s thanks to Dan’s hacking at structured blogging. Actually getting openurl KEV support into structured blogging is another idea of Dan’s. Go Chudnov.

Update 01/19/2006 09:39 CST: Dan got similar support for journal articles. If this stuff caught on it could really revolutionize academic blogging…and more.