Photo by Joshua Ng

👋 Hi! My name is Ed Summers and this is my weirdly named website. I’m a software developer and researcher working at the intersection of libraries, archives and the World Wide Web. I’m interested in how the Web functions as a sociotechnical system, especially with regard to memory practices such as curation and preservation. I am currently working at Stanford University Library on their Infrastructure Team.

If you want to get in touch please email me at You can also find me on fediverse at and wandering Scuttlebutt as \@n2ax/dvrm+u76UhEv6aN0MzlH0Zw7o0MOd5QIHjouSw=.ed25519. Once upon a time I was on Twitter as @edsu but I don’t actively use it anymore–but you’ll see I have some bots that do.


This is a list of projects I’m working on at the moment. It’s not meant to be a fine grained list of tasks–I use other collaborative tools for that. It’s simply a place to write down the high level things that I’m working on, in an arbitrary order, so I can see them change over time.

  • Webrecorder: WACZ Standardization
  • co-operatively run social media (Mastodon)
  • maintaining / evolving digital repository infrastructure services
  • institutional web archive services
  • slowly learning Rust